In It for the Chicks is a three-piece Rock ‘n’ Roll act from Atlanta, GA. They have been gigging in and around Atlanta since forming in October of 2011. In It for the Chicks is currently tracking their second studio album while developing a new media strategy for the marketing and distribution of their full-length debut release. They recently placed 10th out of 1,026 in a SXSW live performance video contest – view their submission here:

With Rock ā€˜Nā€™ Roll riffs reminiscent of the greats and enough soul to make your #2 silky straight go curly; In It for the Chicks is redefining the meaning of true music. The passion, drive and energy behind each live performance exude feel-good vibes that cannot be denied in captivating the audience at each and every show.

Taylor Long (left) – 27 – The son of a Methodist Minister, Taylor Long grew up listening to Gospel and Soul in Church every Sunday. Gospel and Soul turned him on to Blues, Rock ‘n’ Roll and Hip-Hop. Long picked up the guitar at a young age and has been playing, singing and writing original records as long as he can remember. A Lawrenceville native, Long has lived in Georgia all his life. He enrolled at Georgia State University in 2006 after spending some time away from school to focus on one of his early music projects, Hemp Street Rhythmz. Before graduating, Long decided he was finished with school and dedicated his life to making music. His mission is to inspire the uninspired in the same way his muses have inspired him. Long began recording his original works as a solo artist with the intent of putting a band together. He met a drummer named Joey Nappo in June of 2011.

Joey Nappo (center) – 25 – Joey Nappo is one of four siblings, a small part of a large Italian-American family that has been rooted in Atlanta for decades. He grew up around music, playing guitar and filling in on drums at family gatherings for his uncle, famed rock producer Sal Nappo (credits: DMB, Matchbox 20, Elliot Smith). While attending Lakeside High School, he pursued a career in acting and modeling. Nappo’s acting credits include We Are Marshall, My Super Psycho Sweet 16 and The Vampire Diaries. After graduating from Lakeside, Nappo moved to New York City and found modeling projects. He traveled the world as a runway model and continues to get film, television and print work. During down time on sets, Nappo found he was unable to avoid making music. Upon meeting Taylor Long, he committed himself to playing drums professionally. Nappo and Long called themselves In It for the Chicks. They began gigging in and around Atlanta while recording in Sal Nappo’s home studio, all the while looking for a bassist to complete the project. They met a bassist named Danny Rhodes in October of 2011.

Danny Rhodes (right) – 22 – Danny Rhodes is the youngest of four siblings from a long line of musical talent. Rhodes played bass in a band called IntelloRhythymEclectic (I.R.E.) that was billed to play with In It for the Chicks on October 7th, 2011 at Peachtree Tavern in Buckhead. Rhodes approached Long and Nappo about their lack of bass, and soon found himself rehearsing with them at Sal’s house. They performed publicly for the first time at an open mic at Tin Roof Cantina, where Long and Nappo had met, on November 6th of 2011. In It for the Chicks headlined at VINYL as a three-piece just a few weeks later. Rhodes’s musical talents far exceed the bass guitar – he is a prolific guitarist, pianist, drummer and songwriter who has made significant contributions to writing In It for the Chicks’s new material. He has left I.R.E. and is taking an indefinite sabbatical from Georgia State University to pursue a professional career in music with In It for the Chicks.